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Assured Computing Technologies
POS Solutions: Aldelo, Cash Register Express, Store Tender, Microsoft RMS

Point of Sale - Your Way!
Your Platform, Your Budget, Your Needs.

Number 1 Full Service Point of Sale Provider in New England Since 1998

We offer a complete selection of Professional Point-of-Sale Software and Full Technology Hardware for Retail, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Beauty Salons, Pet Stores, Service Providers and General Business.

Your Platform - Microsoft or Apple apple_microsoft

At ACT-POS Assured Computing Technologies we offer a selection of Operating Systems and Platforms for your Point of Sale needs based upon what you want and what you are comfortable using. Our solutions include the latest Windows Desktop Operating System, Windows Mobile Operating System and Windows Embedded Operating System - Apple iOS v. 8.1 Operating System to the latest Windows Mac Operating System.

Your Budget

ACT-POS systems include the best value Point of Sale selection of hardware and software available in the industry. Your budget and your finances are your primary concern when selecting a Point of Sale system. We understand that not everyone wants or needs a Rolls Royce when a Ford will serve the same purchase. We offer single station introductory systems on a Hardware as a Service contract for only $169 per month, to Monthly Cloud systems from $39 - $99 per station plus hardware, Lite or Full Retail and Lite or Full Fine Dining systems.

Our Point, we have a solution that will fit your Budget and still allow you to have a true Point of Sale system - not a Cash Register.

Your Needs & Wants

In addition to Point of Sale, you need other items and features to run your business. We offer Partnerships with the major ISP's - Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Verizon. We have Accounting solutions from QuickBooks and Freshbooks. We have Credit Card Providers that are the proven leaders in the industry and we offer a complete selection of Digital Displays for Restaurants, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical and Dental Waiting, Churches and Educational Facilities. We are Professional Technology Specialists with thousands of customers around the world. Our optional 'Hardware as a Service' subscription package is the perfect solution for a smaller retail point of sale or restaurant point of sale, limited to a single unit for $169.00 per month.

In addition to Point-of-Sale hardware and software solutions, we offer assistance with Business essential requirements:

Point of Sale

We offer a complete selection of Industry Leading software in Windows and Apple based Professional Point-of-Sale Software and Hardware for Retail, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Beauty Salons, Pet Stores, Service Providers and General Business. We are Professional POS Technology Specialists with thousands of customers around the world. Wireless Point-of-Sale or Wired Point-of-Sale; we have a solution for every taste. Request a POS Quote, POS Demo or just call with questions. And don't forget about our Point-of-Sale Leasing Options

Mobile solutions!


ACT believes that in order to have a complete solution that offers increased revenue, today's business owner needs to understand that we are no longer living in a static world. Everything changes day by day and sometimes - minute by minute.​With a Multitude of Endless Possibilities for Digital Signage, you can market to your current and prospective customer in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.​​​​​​​ Menu boards, message boards, wayfinder boards and more at ACT Digital Displays


Mobile Point-of-Sale and Cloud Computing is a current technology fact of life. No longer is it something that is coming, it is now here. With that in mind, ACT-POS has fully embraced the technology and offers a variety of solutions in Apple iOS Point-of-Sale Mobile solutions, AVG antivirus Cloud Central, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics CRM and integrated Mobile solutions with Windows based Point-of-Sale systems. Investigate our Cloud based and Mobile POS and Business Management options from our full line of solutions.To USE the Cloud, you must Be on the Cloud and for that we have Partnered with several Interent Service Providers to get you there - Comcast Business Solutions, Charter Communications, Time Warner Communications and Verizon Communications. To find out more, contact us today.


With over 15 Years in business we know what works, what doesn't. Who makes the best hardware - best value - best support. Visit the New POS Store Online offering thousands of Point of Sale, Digital Display and other IT Products at: ThePOSStore Why should you consider a Complete Point-of-Sale solution package from ACT-POS? Because we care. We will never sell you Used Equipment - even if you ask. It doesn't last in this industry and you're going to be throwing your money away. In the long run, you will spend more on used equipment.


A good Point-of-Sale system is only part of the solution in protecting not only your business investment but also your customers and employees while they are on site. Do you know what happens when you're not there? Have you ever wondered if a specific employee is truly as great as they seem? What about the customer that claims they slipped and fell? Robberies and Burglaries are not the only events that impact your business. Ask us about the various Video Surveillance intergration and free standing systems we offer.

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